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Extruder gear clicking and not extruding suddenly.  

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Extruder gear clicking and not extruding suddenly.

i have checked for heat creep and all is well there no gaps or oozing filament. i have swapped all PTFE tubes between original and aftermarket and back. ive tightened and loosened all screws and pretty much anything else i could find googling around including heating the hotend and manually pushing filament through which did work but didnt fix any issues. i use the mmu2s upgrade on the mk3s+ and it just seems to be extremely finicky but i have been able to get prints of single color pretty well until today. i also notice the mmu2s will push filament down to the hotend assembly but seems to get stuck somewhere in or before the gear. when i disassemble the hotend and watch the parts moving it all seems to line up as it should

have been using prusament petg mostly and this issue has reared its head now that ive tried to use prusament PLA again for a small print.


any and all help is very welcome!

Posted : 23/01/2022 5:35 pm
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RE: Extruder gear clicking and not extruding suddenly.

Have you tried taking this to the MMU2s forum?  Seems a better place for this question.


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Posted : 24/01/2022 2:55 am