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Did I destroy my smooth plate with PET?  

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Did I destroy my smooth plate with PET?

I have been trying to print the v2 enclosure, and I'm down to the last few tall, thin pieces. Printing on the textured plate (only thing I've used for PET so far), they would frequently fall over once above 130mm, despite generous brim/low speed. It looks like the ends of the pieces would curl up a tiny bit on the plate, and eventually the print head just knocks it over.

I tried on the smooth plate (first time using PET on it), and the print held, though was very difficult to get off. It looks like it may have peeled some of the material. Is this side of the plate ruined?

Also somewhat related, this print was the first time I've ever had burns on the print, and all were roughly in the same x/y:


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Posted : 28/05/2020 11:22 pm
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RE: Did I destroy my smooth plate with PET?

No your smooth plate is not ruined. It is quite common for small air bubbles to appear, but they usually disappear after a while.
If you let the bed cool down properly after printing, the detail will come off more easily. If it is stuck really tight it will help to put the plate in the freezer for a while.
A good tip when using PETG is to apply Windex or other window cleaner on the plate. Spread the liquid over the plate and allow it to self-dry (do not remove the liquid with paper). Windex forms a thin layer between the bed and the detail which makes it easier to remove the detail.

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RE: Did I destroy my smooth plate with PET?

Even if it persists, the plate is not ruined, you and turn prints and move them to other parts of the plate.  I have a far worse plate that I continue to use.  

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Posted : 29/05/2020 9:25 am