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Constant jams and where can I get spares?  

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Constant jams and where can I get spares?

Even prior to upgrading to the MK3S, I had issues with jamming, insufficient flow, etc.  Since the MK3S, my machine has been inoperable (7 months and counting).  I've made 3-4 attempts to fix it and it keeps jamming and clogging shortly after each rebuild.  Unfortunately, it's even HARDER to fix since the MK3S upgrade.

After the last jam, I'm stuck at a point where all of my official PTFE tubes are all jammed with filament and deformed to varying degrees.  I've wasted 2-3 very good nozzles.  I have spare heatbreaks, but, good hotend, heating elements and sensors, but I don't know where to go replace the new, tapered PTFE tube and the stem for the hotend.  (jammed/fuzed to my current heatbreak).

Any recommendations on where to buy parts or specs to adjust the PTFE tube to meet the MK3S configuration?  Stem for the hotend?  Tips on troubleshooting this so I can unbrick this beast?


Posted : 08/03/2020 8:50 pm