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Complicated Filament Jam  

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Complicated Filament Jam

Hi All,

I have owned my MK3s for almost a year now and experiencing my first issue that I cannot resolve from online sources.   My print finished 90% of the way and then jammed.  This was my first time printing in extreme detail (.05mm), I am not sure that this is the cause of the jam. 

I tried to unload the filament, but it refuses to pull free.  The filament ended up breaking near the filament sensor (see picture).   I tried to force the clog out by heating up my nozzle, but was also unsuccessful.   My next step was to try and replace the PTFE tube since it seems to be stuck in the tube as well (see pictured).  The filament seems to be stuck at the top right under the filament sensor and making it impossible to remove the hot end.  Any suggestions? 

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Posted : 14/04/2020 11:03 pm