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Bug report Z-axis failure  

Bent Derailleur
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Bug report Z-axis failure

I discovered a bug regarding the Z-axis calibration.

It occoured when I should start a print. Had just began to do standard calibration 9-points before printing. When I suddenly realised I had forgot to change sheet in the settings. So I pressed Reset-button.

It was in the middle of this calibration. Then when it had restarted and should append the print it went down! It actually pressed the whole bed so it twisted, like attached photo. Then it went up. Should do a Z-calibration, all the way up. Then down again.

After that. It is not satisfied and wanted to do the same thing again. Z-calibration. All the way up. And down.

I turn off the power, wait a little, and then turn power on. Same thing happens. It has got stucked in a bad loop 🙁

And also, because it crushed down to the bed my Z-axis alignment is really of. X-axis is not parallel to bed anymore. I have to adjust/calibrate that one.

If it is any help I could attach some log file, don't know if it exists but anyway. Have not started to fix this problem yet. Guess I have to do some reset to start off with.

I run the latest firmware on my MK3S+, updated some week ago.

Posted : 25/03/2023 5:23 pm