Bought mk3s second-hand, Bed calibration point was not found (& more)
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Bought mk3s second-hand, Bed calibration point was not found (& more)  

Bought mk3s second-hand, Bed calibration point was not found (& more)

I bought a mk3s second hand for cheap off of eBay, and am tackling some issues with it one-by-one. Hoping the community can help me out.

When I got it it had an XYZ calibration in effect with slight skew. Thinking I would do things the "right" way I went ahead and re-calibrated it to see where things stood, and murphy's law being in full effect, it wouldn't calibrate.

The specific error i'm getting is "XYZ calibration failed. Bed calibration point was not found." All other wizard calibration steps up to this point are going fine. None of the axes are binding or impacting or anything like that. PINDA sensor is definitely not letting the nozzle strike the bed so it must be doing something.

Here are the steps i've taken to resolve:

- updated firmware to 3.13.2
- tightened belts (confirmed with display & tuner app)
- there were no zip ties securing the wiring harnesses to the e-axis head, so I attached those according to instructions
- adjusted PINDA sensor to correct height using the zip tie technique
- confirmed the PINDA sensor is detecting metal using the red LED
- replaced extruder nozzle (more on that later) and re-adjusted offset to PINDA using the zip tie

I'm attaching a video of the calibration process in case there's something i'm missing. Basically it spirals in towards the first point, then does the 64-row grid thing and stops.

On the extruder nozzle: I'm going to make a separate post about this as I *think* it's a separate issue -- but it definitely looks like there was a leak in the heating block at some point. There's a mess of burnt plastic around the heating block and the original nozzle was shot. Probably the dude I bought it from made a mess and pawned it off on me. Buyer beware and all that -- whatever, I'm an experienced machinist and i'm not worried about replacing parts -- but it doesn't *seem* like something that would cause calibration failures. Correct me if i'm wrong though?

Appreciate the community's help on this one!

Thanks all!

Posted : 18/12/2023 2:21 pm
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RE: Bought mk3s second-hand, Bed calibration point was not found (& more)

Same Issue here. Seems this is similar to the issue reported by @ed-barton (

I did basically the same checks as reported here but with no outcome. I relized, that auto home and homing before z calibration do hit other 0/0-point but i do not know if this is as expected.

Any progress on your side @slayingorcs?

Posted : 10/02/2024 10:58 pm