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Best material for printing a better fan shroud?  

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Best material for printing a better fan shroud?

I have poor overhang quality on the back side only, even with 100% fan, when printing helicoidal stuff. It's definitely due to a poor cooling on the back of the extruder. I can improve it by using 100% fan speed and very low print speed, but I would like to fix this on the shroud. I've read a bit everywhere that the default shroud is not well designed for this and it's a known issue.

What would be the best material for the shroud? I only print PLA and PETG (and a bit of TPU) so far, but I've read that a PETG shroud for printing PETG will not work on the long term, it will warp or melt.

What would you advise? Original part is in ASA but if I can avoid the fumes, I will. I could print it with all windows open and being outside the room, though.

I've read that Carbon Fiber PETG has a good thermal rating, would it be a wise choice for a nozzle? (printed with a hardened nozzle of course, I have one already for phosphorescent PLA)

Thanks in advance!

Posted : 15/06/2024 4:11 pm
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I printed in ASA on Mini with no enclosure. Kept window open, air purifier on, still alive. 
Used brass nozzle. 

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Posted : 15/06/2024 9:50 pm
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RE: Best material for printing a better fan shroud?

ASA isn't bad. I wouldn't try PETG-CF. Still PETG after all. PC-CF is a better choice and prints well for small models like this. It's what I use for my shrouds.

I wouldn't hold my breath though. None of the "improved" shrouds I tried performed consistently better on overhand models or real-world models. I suspect there are edge cases where they do better but in my hands I didn't see any appreciable difference compared to stock. But maybe you get lucky and in your specific case one of them will do better. 

Posted : 16/06/2024 11:16 am