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Bed temperature cable burned  

Bed temperature cable burned


I was using the printer as usual and after a while the printer stopped and the screen said "bed thermal runaway". I checked the printer as the instructions in internet closed window that I thought it was the problem and put it back to print.

When it started back smoke started to get out of the PCB and as you can see in the image that cable connector burned. What do you think went wrong and what can I do to solve the problem?

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Posted : 21/11/2023 11:37 am
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RE: Bed temperature cable burned

I think the screw came loose or wasn't tight enough in the first place.  Damage is caused by a higher resistance at that point and the amount of current going through it to heat the build surface. 

Pull the connector off and clean all of the scorching that is under it.  I would also pull the Einsy board out to see if there are any issues with the solder connection for that terminal.  If it heated enough, it could have affected the solder connections as well.  A picture of the terminal when it is pulled apart will help.

It may be worth it to change that crimp connector as well or just solder the wires into the crimp connector.  Heat will increase the resistance in that connector.  Before assembly all the parts should look shiny and clean.  You may want to tin the connection with solder before re-assembly if you don't replace it.

Posted : 26/11/2023 5:14 am