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[Solved] Badly fouled print head  

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Badly fouled print head


I have been having problems with getting my blue Prusament PLA to adhere to my textured bed. I thought I got it, but apparently not. Last night, I left a print going before going to sleep, and this morning, I woke up to this. 

I've tried prying it off with a set of pliers, and that didn't go great. I was afraid of torquing hard enough to screw with the y-axis. 

How would you recommend I get this PLA off of the print head? Will I have to disassemble the printer? 

Also, any thoughts on why I am having such a hard time with Prusament PLA on the textured surface? I couldn't get _anything_ to adhere to it until I sanded it a little bit. Do I need to swap for a smoother textured print plate? 




Posted : 17/12/2021 3:17 pm
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Preheat and select next material hotter than PLA. This will soften it so you can gently pull it away. 


Posted : 17/12/2021 4:12 pm
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RE: Badly fouled print head

Also, the textured sheet isn't good for PL.
For PL, it's better to use either the smooth or the satin sheet.

Posted : 18/12/2021 10:55 am
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RE: Badly fouled print head

Thanks everyone, 


Sylvia, I was able to heat it up enough to get the majority of the gunk out. That was a good idea, thanks! 


Xanthe, really interesting, thanks! I wish that had been made more apparent when I picked the options. I've ordered the satin sheet, so hopefully it will arrive before too long. 

I appreciate the help - this forum is great! 



Posted : 18/12/2021 3:15 pm
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RE: Badly fouled print head

I had the same ‘PLA not sticking to the textured plate’ issue when I first built my printer this past July. If you search around the forums you’ll find this is a common problem. 

Before discovering this forum I bought a roll of PETG and found it to stick far better to the textured build plate. I learned how to properly clean and care for the build plate(s) in these pages and eventually got PLA to stick as well. However I did buy a satin sheet which is what I now use for PLA prints.

Search around, there’s tons of great info in these pages!

Good luck! 

Posted : 18/12/2021 3:53 pm