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Y-axis shift experience after multiple crash detected  

Ray of Hope
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Y-axis shift experience after multiple crash detected

I'm posting this in case it helps somebody down the road and also in case people have comments on the internal workings.

I have some 4 year old MK3S printers that I updated to + a little over a year ago.  These printers are running pretty constantly and mostly printing the same model.  A few months ago the X-axis bearings and pulley had to be replaced and then about a month after that we had a "slip" on the Y-axis.  See the attached image.  Actually, in this image it looks like the job slipped twice.  I just kind of assumed this was the Y-axis bearings/pulley causing this because the close timing to the X failures.  I was wrong.  

I was surprised when I watched the failure take place.  Basically, the edge of the inner circle was curling up a little and the PINDA sensor was catching on it and causing a crash.  The extruder would move to home, recover, and return to laying down the print.  It did this about six times and on the last crash the return to print was off center, the "slip."   I raised the PINDA a hair and calibrated the first layer and all is well.  I suspect I set the PINDA too low when I replaced the X-Axis bearings.  

I kind of wondered if this might be a bug?  After six crashes it overwrites a bit of memory?

Posted : 26/05/2023 10:09 pm
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Crash recovery deals with minor bumps; as they get more severe it has a harder time and eventually it is too much to recover from, the worst are crashes encountered while recovering from a crash...


Posted : 26/05/2023 10:30 pm