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Unusual problem with Prusa Ironing  

Cristian Hrimiuc
New Member
Unusual problem with Prusa Ironing

I have found a rather unusual problem with the Ironing Feature in Prusa. The problem that I am referring to manifests itself as gaps that appear between the layers of tall thin parts at the precise height at which a nearby short part is ending. I think this happens because, after ironing sometimes a retraction happens and this leads to under-extrusion problems. This behavior can be reproduced by printing "" with Ironing and Retraction enabled. Some of the tiny poles will have gaps that will allow for a very easy break of the part. On this particular print the issue manifests itself only slightly, but on bigger prints I had horrible issues with tall thin parts while the rest of the model was as pretty as can be.

Posted : 26/02/2021 4:41 pm
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RE: Unusual problem with Prusa Ironing

I too have had the same problem I think. I have been trying to print multiple parts on the build and do ironing on the top layers only of some parts that are shorter than some of the other parts. at some point either during the ironing or just after it finishes the extruder raises up about 1-2 mm from the print height and doesn't come back down and the filament gets stuck in the hotend and then I have to disassemble it to get the filament out. Any ideas how to fix this ironing problem?

Posted : 31/12/2021 5:17 pm