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Under extrusion issue?  

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Under extrusion issue?

First time poster, new-ish to printing, apologies if this is in the wrong area. 

I seem to be having random occasions of under extrusion on my prints recently and I cannot seem to nail down the culprit. I've had my MK3s+ for about a year and in the last 3 months the problem appeared seemingly overnight. 

I replaced the nozzle, set a new first layer height, lubricated it, snugged up screws  and adjusted the idler tension per the support articles, it seemed to fix the issue in the first test print I did after adjustment but then it went right back to the under-extruded / pitted prints, mainly with the first layer. 

I can print the same file multiple times, some will come out nearly perfect with minimal pits / gaps, others will come out with multiple pits / gaps on the first layer. 

Similar results with two different factory fresh rolls of Prusament PLA.

Any suggestions or where else to look to nail down the issue?


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Posted : 27/11/2022 5:23 am
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When this started happening to my MK3S+ I replaced the heat break. It helped for a few months then the issue returned. The last time I did a cold pull and that seems to have fixed it, for now.

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RE: Under extrusion issue?

Thanks Tracy, I'll give that a shot. 

For some reason my images did not post in the original post, want to make sure I'm getting the terminology correct and I am actually experiencing under extrusion.

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RE: Under extrusion issue?

The images had some control codes around them which I can't edit on my phone.

Regards Joan 

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