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Totally Worth It...  

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Totally Worth It...

Hi.  I recently performed my upgrade on my 3s to 3s+... an upgrade I have been sitting on while due to lack of time... but I have to say, the time invested was totally worthwhile.  I've only done a couple prints, but I'm impressed so far.

I really see a difference on the first layer, which I attribute mostly to the super pinda.  Even with PETG, they are very clean and require a lot less fussing on my part.

The flat, outside walls of my print look nicer... the finish has fewer or no artifacts (I sometimes got strange patters on flat, exterior surfaces on the Z axis that I was never able to fully eliminate).  Was this the 3s+ upgrade, the new slicer or the firmware?  Was a combination of all 3?... I' not sure... but it has definitely improved.

I don't know if the dev teams read these sorts of posts... but I do want thank them for their constant eye on quality and for giving their customers the best.  Any other company would have coughed out the fist model (which worked), and moved on... leaving you no solution but to buy the next model if you wanted to try for improvements...  Not these guys... Even though it is a few years old now, they've given two, low-cost updates that had the potential to change your world.  They have stuck with the open source philosophy all the way through their product lines, and in all ways possible.  If you are reading this guys -- Thank you.  You are much appreciated!

Posted : 21/01/2022 3:03 pm
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RE: Totally Worth It...


And there are so many screaming "Prusa is waaaaaay overpriced, I could build a better printer for half as much!"  No you can't, but you can sure spend twice as much money and loads more time trying to get cheap printers to do almost as well....

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Posted : 23/01/2022 5:50 pm