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Print from SD  

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Print from SD

Its damned annoying and not sure if its a software "glitch" or an issue with the printer. 

Insert SD, select Print from SD, scroll down to choice and press knob and ................. quite often it actually selects the file listed below the one i actually want.  initially I got caught with it and ended up printing something i didn't want. Now i keep a weather watch when i press the knob.


Thoughts? Software or is it my selection knob?

Posted : 20/01/2021 7:51 pm
RE: Print from SD

I know this has been corrected once in the firmware and got better, but it seems still to be a problem.

It could be the rotary selector  that needs some contact cleaner.

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Posted : 21/01/2021 1:45 am
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RE: Print from SD

It's an 8bit computer you need to give it a second to display where its at, it's that simple. I sometimes will scroll up one level after making a selection to make sure that its registered properly. if you have a really full SD card you may need to wait a second longer. it's not a desktop.

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Posted : 21/01/2021 11:10 pm
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RE: Print from SD


Aye, more than once its scrolled on the line but still flicks down. Most annoying. I've usually taken to ensuring only the file i want to print is displayed in the root folder.

Posted : 26/01/2021 2:09 pm
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RE: Print from SD

I found a larger knob on the front of my printer helps a lot with accuracy. It also makes it much faster to spin through large ranges of numbers.

If you have a lot of files, sub-folders work well. I nest collections 3 levels deep without problems.

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Posted : 26/01/2021 3:29 pm
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RE: Print from SD

I've experienced this several times and always though that I was slipping a bit, giving the knob a slight turn while pressing it. However, starting my current print I actually waited a few seconds and pressed very carefully and I saw the selection go down one step and selecting the file after the one I wanted.

The file i tried to print was the first in the list and I'm sure I just felt one click scrolling down, so no buffered commands waiting to be processed. Certainly seems like a bug and not a slow interface.

Posted : 26/01/2021 5:57 pm