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Unable to print petg  

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Unable to print petg

I am unable to print PETG. As you can see fron the images i own three heatbed, but when i try the print PETG on the steel sheet textured heatbed and on the satin powder  coted sheet heatbed, there is no adhesion, the PETG just slip on it. If i try to print PETG on the steel sheet heatbed it glue on it, and it si difficult to detach. The strange thing is that, the printer, out of the box, was only able to print PETG, i was using the steel sheet heatbed that was included in the box, but was unable to print pla. After some time i changed the height of the PINDA sensor without chainging the live z offset, and i destroyed the original steel sheet heatbed. After i bought a new steel sheet heatbed, the one in the picture, and i readjusted the PINDA sensor heigth, this time i aslo change the live z offset, andf now i cannot print PETG anymore, only PLA. I do not understand if i am doing something wrong or not

Edit: i forgot to mention that i tried to adjust the live z offest, when i changed the sheet that i am using for printing. But did not make any difference. Now i am uisng the steel sheet heatbed

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Posted : 08/12/2022 5:58 pm
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The sheets have different Z offsets and need to be selected in the menu on the LCD screen.. The rough sheet is absolutely great at printing PETG as I have done this for several months with at least 4 different brands of PETG. The rough sheet needs a Z that is about 0.3 more than the smooth sheet. (I don't have the Satin). I suspect you only have a Z for the smooth sheet and that sheet is selected in the LCD.. When you try the Satin or Rough, you are too high and the filament floats off after a short time, even though you might do some minor Z changing. 

Add a new sheet using the LCD menu for the rough sheet. (  

Set a new Z for the rough sheet. If you have issues, then post pictures. Pretty sure it is just a user issue at this point. (Assume you are also selecting PETG when you do your Z calibration and select PETG in your slicer when doing prints.. as the heatbed needs to be closer to 80C for proper adhesion). Your nozzle should likely be between 220-230 (Prusa's default is about 230)

One caution when you have multiple profiles.. If you are using PETG and  the rough sheet and then switch back to the smooth sheet  (BUT IF YOU FORGET TO SELECT THE SMOOTH PROFILE), you will gouge your smooth sheet as it is 0.3 higher. I guarantee you will do this at least once.. Ideally the sheets would have an RFID that could be detected, but that is a very ideal situation and no machine I am aware of has this feature. 


Posted : 08/12/2022 10:18 pm