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TPU Print - Extruded missing steps or nozzle jamming  

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TPU Print - Extruded missing steps or nozzle jamming

I had my Prusa mk3s outside in 100F temps in my storage room when I initially started printing with TPU only to learn that I ran into heat creep issues very fast.

So I moved the printer inside, I’m printing at 15mm/s Saintsmart TPU at 210 and 60 and I just don’t know why either my nozzle gets jammed up or the extruded starts missing steps after a while. 

Nozzle fan is running at 100% after the first 4 layers. I’ve loosened the extruded screw a little bit, I’ve used the nozzle cleaning filament to clean out the whole heat chamber but still having this issue. 

Posted : 22/06/2022 2:54 pm