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Some noise question  

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Some noise question

This is the link for listen to it
Now i am printing throw pronterprint come with prusa software pack.
At the first few prints the noise just wasn't and i don't think i change something really.
I also try to do some Z leveling
Any ideas?

Posted : 13/04/2018 3:42 pm
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Re: Some noise question


I'm a newbie here also, but to me, it sounds as though your extruder gear may be too tight (gripping the filament too strongly), which is causing the squeaking sound. Check this step and maybe try loosening these screws a bit, they should not be super tight: E-Axis Assembly, Step 15

If that doesn't fix it, check that your filament is well aligned with the Bondtech Gear (the one that is screwed onto the extruder motor shaft.) I had some occasional squeaking and clicking in my extruder before I went back and properly aligned that gear so that the filament takes a straight path into the extruder.

Posted : 13/04/2018 8:17 pm