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Small blobs of filament on first layer  

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Small blobs of filament on first layer

 Hi! I have the MK3S+ kit. With the bronze Prusament PLA, at 215° and bed 60° I get these small blobs on first layer. Am I too near the bed? I am still trying to get a perfect 1st layer..

Both prints finished with relatively good results in the end:

Smallish blobs


Posted : 09/04/2022 9:42 pm
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Three things spring to mind; let's approach them logically...

First, thoroughly clean your print sheet.  We grenerally suggest using dishwashing detergent (Dawn/Fairy) and plenty of HOT water, rinse well and dry with a fresh paper towel. Handle by the edges only.

Then show us your best first layer Z calibration print, still on the printer.

And show us your nozzle/hot end assembly, preferably from two different directions


Posted : 09/04/2022 11:59 pm