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Problem of my first sword print  

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Problem of my first sword print

Hi all, 

I have assembled my first Prusa i3 mks3 last weekend and done a few test print. Then I decided to print this toy for my kids and it turn out OK but I found some blobs on it. I wonder how could I fix this issue? 

I am printing with PLA filament come with the printer. 215/60, 0.2mm height. 

my others test print (benchy, Prusa plate ... ) doesn’t has this issue. 

Any advise will be appreciated. 

Posted : 03/02/2020 2:49 am
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RE: Problem of my first sword print

Every time the extruder moves up a layer, it leaves a little artifact. PrusaSlicer gives you some options where you want this to occur.

You can choose in a line (makes a seam) or random. Others may have suggestions on how to make them less noticeable.

Posted : 03/02/2020 2:51 am
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RE: Problem of my first sword print

Had the same issue as OP with the Katana retractable model. In my case I was just printing the 1 inch long print test and the seam was so dense on one side that I had a hard time separating them which pretty much garantie that the whole sword would fail.

Thank to your tip putting it to random solved this issue (on the print test a least) but the artifact are still very visible even with the "External perimeters first" option checked.

It very weird that every small thing I printed at around the same size look perfect, but somehow this model has this issue.

Any other tips on how to solve this issue?

I hadn't noticed at first but the issue is quite visible in prusaslicer even after randomizing (screenshot is without random).

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Posted : 17/10/2020 12:08 am
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RE: Problem of my first sword print

Seams are tricky - there are tweaks to improve the seam quality, but speed is one of the easiest to use. Just slow down printing perimeters and the seams will be less visible (most of the time). Retraction, and related tweaks can also help, but there will always be a visible sign the print head lingered ...

Curved surfaces expose the issue the most. If possible, try to hide the seam using "rear" ... and orient the part so that the hidden surface is at the back of the printer.


Posted : 17/10/2020 6:06 pm