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Perimeters layers are not smooth  

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Perimeters layers are not smooth

This is my first MK3S+   Assembled it and ran it for about a week with no issues and was very happy with the prints.

I took a vacation and didn't use the printer for about a week.  I used it today and noticed that my perimeter layers are "wiggly" and the printer and not moving a smooth motion.  Anyone have some tips on were to start with this?

Posted : 11/02/2022 7:54 pm
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Let's start with the simplest possibility:

Clean and lightly lubricate your smooth rods - you weren't away long but dust and spiderwebs can interfere with smooth running.

Come back if this isn't enough.


Posted : 12/02/2022 1:35 am
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RE: Perimeters layers are not smooth

+1 for lubrication. Most common printing issues have very simple fixes.

Posted : 22/04/2022 9:34 pm