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Online assembly instructions with comments?  

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Online assembly instructions with comments?

Hi - before my printer arrived, someone in a facebook comment mentioned that there was an online assembly manual that was more up to date and contained comments from people who have already gone through the experience to further help in the process.  The only guide I can find is a pdf that is the same as the book that came in the box and my book is a newer version.

Does anyone know what this person was referring to?  Are you familiar with some manual that includes live comments from others?

Posted : 18/03/2022 4:44 pm
Tim Weston
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It is located here:



P.S. User added comments and help are at the bottom of each section...

Posted : 18/03/2022 4:47 pm
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RE: Online assembly instructions with comments?

Thank you for the quick reply!

Posted : 18/03/2022 4:50 pm