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Novice with 1st layer printing issues  

Vic Mistry
Novice with 1st layer printing issues

Having had an issue with the XYZ Calibration where you remove the steel sheet and use a paper sheet, the problem was that it sticks on the right hand side at the front. after some trials, I have also lifted the left-hand side using the mesh levelling, (Set Lhd to -20) all to no avail.  the above (hopefully) shows what is happening when I try the calibration print.  I'm very new to this machine and 3d printing and the Prusa machine, and I can't seem to get a 1st level print with any of the suggested changes in the manual regarding mesh levelling. when I do the first layer calibration, the filament looks squished OK on the right but not on the left (from the above).  could someone please point me in the right direction on how to resolve this? Also, I don't know how to stop it stringing.  I've read the notes on retraction but I still get this effect.

Thanks in advance



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Posted : 07/06/2024 9:29 pm
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RE: Novice with 1st layer printing issues

You lifted the left-hand side using mesh leveling?? Are you confusing mesh bed levelling (something the printer does) with bed level correction (something you should not touch in the beginning. Your printer should work without any changes there. It's listed as "advanced calibration" for a reason)?

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Posted : 13/06/2024 12:11 pm
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RE: Novice with 1st layer printing issues

OK, one step at the time. You are now jumping to 3rd grade of kindergarden while you have to do 1st grade 1st 🙂 
- It is unclear to me, if you were able to run a correct XYZ- calibration? 
If not, because the nozzel touched the bed. A trick is to remove nozzle (heat it up, and just take it off). 
Let it cool down. And now run the XYZ-calibration. At least it will not dive into the plae :-). And probably/maybe will pass correctly. 
If it does not pass, please let us know what the messages were, pictures, so we see what is happening. And have suggestions to solve this. 

OK, if XYZ-calibration is succesfull, then you want to place the nozzle and PINDA correctly: 
- Heat up and place nozzle. let cooldown again, so you do not burn your fingers. 
- Loosen the screw of the PINDA. Not completely, just enough to move it up/down (maybe you have the use a screwdriver to open the split a bit. )
- Find a creditcard (two is even better)>
Lay the first creditcard under the nozzle. Use settings > Axis > Z-axis to move the nozzle spot on the creditcard. You can move the creditcard,but not easy.
Now lay the second creditcard ON the first card below the PINDA. Now move PINDA down onto the secondcard. and tighten it (not too hard. there is no tension on the PINDA needed). 
Done. Now your PINDA is situated about 0.8 mm (thickness of creditcard above the nozzle). 
Run Z-calibration So in menu choose Z- calibration (NOT XYZ!). Leave the sheet on, it will calibratie in 9 steps. 

- Now the sheet is prepared for mesh-bedleveling + first layer placement. 
First layer is hard as newbie (do not ask how I know. I started about half a year ago. 
For first layer this link is the best I could find (and there are many on this forum and printables):  
- with the help of this test, you will know in about 10-20 minutes that you have a good first layer (BUT only on the place you printed). 
- the bed might still be very "unflat". You could check that with the file you used above. If it is unflat, then you are still in trouble, and we have to go from there. 
But do the first steps first. 

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Posted : 13/06/2024 1:49 pm
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Key question. Did you buy this as;

1. prusa assembled

2. self assembled

 3. bought secondhand - known working

4. bought secondhand - unknown status. 
 First undo the leveling changes you made back to default  

if 1, contact prusa support

if 2, double and triple check the bed is assembled correctly then contact prusa support

3 and 4 as above. 

I suspect the PINDA is not placed properly. 

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Posted : 14/06/2024 3:14 am
Vic Mistry
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RE: Novice with 1st layer printing issues

Thank you to everyone who has commented and responded.  I'll go through the steps as suggested and will respond as soon as I can.  I'm away at the moment in the USA, and back at the end of the month. so please don't think I have ignored or forgotten this.  I do appreciate it when people give up their time to help people like me.



Posted : 18/06/2024 8:45 pm