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Not finding 3 x 3 calibration points  

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Not finding 3 x 3 calibration points

My printer was working fine until I upgraded the firmware and Prusa Slicer. At the start of my first attempted print after the upgrades, the printer did not properly move to the correct locations of the 3 x 3 calibration grid. Instead, it moved to the limits of the print bed and the stepper motors made awful noises. I stopped the print as soon as the menu screen allowed. I then went through the calibration wizard. Same problem. Calibration wizard again, same problem. 


But... if I scroll down on my SD card and print something before the firmware and software upgrades it prints fine. So, must be related to firmware/software. Any ideas? 

Posted : 23/08/2020 7:52 am
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RE: Not finding 3 x 3 calibration points

If it's printing old gcode files fine, there must be something in the new gcode files causing a problem. One obvious check is to verify you selected the correct printer in the PrusaSlicer update. If you still have problems, save a 3MF project file with your part & settings, zip it, and upload it here (use Attach file button below). Adding a small gcode file from a previous successful print might help as well.

A quicker fix might be to log into the online shop and contact support via chat. That's the quickest way to get their assistance and the Prusa support folks are generally excellent.

The good news is that the old gcode files print fine, so it can't be anything too serious.

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Posted : 24/08/2020 2:08 pm