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New MMU2, headaches  

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New MMU2, headaches

Got the MMU unit built and installed today but I can't seem to ever get filament 1 to load. It starts to load it and then runs backward and unloads it. I have no idea why. Filament 2 is the only other one I have loaded yet and it loads just fine. Both are loaded with Hatchbox PLA. Has anyone run into this issue?
Posted : 09/10/2018 4:37 pm
Jakub Dolezal
Re: New MMU2, headaches

Hi Jimmy,
make sure you have:
1) The latest FW from
2) The pulley for the filament is centred properly (inside the MMU2 unit)
3) The FINDA height is set according to the assembly manual
4) The screws on the MMU2 unit with springs aren't too tight or too loose, check the assembly manual

If none of these help, please contact our support using live-chat at

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Posted : 10/10/2018 4:47 pm