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New Fully Assembled MK3S binding on Y axis  

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New Fully Assembled MK3S binding on Y axis

Hi guys,

So Im running into this intermittent issue where the Y axis will bind during the start of a print, sometimes it will bind and crash during initial z calibration, or other times right after it starts the print. It will trigger a crash, move to home then start again, but this last time when it went to resume, it bound up again but no crash detected, then lowered the z and started printing way off from the first layer it had done. One of the first times it did this during Z calibration before a print and it bound up a few times on the Y axis which then trigged it to say it needs to reset Z, so it went all the way to the top then on its way back down I noticed that where the Y axis had bound up it left the PINDA Probe slightly off the table (wich means it wont detect the bed when it goes down) unfortunately I noticed this too late then it smashed the nozzle into the bed... quite frustrating considering its a brand new fully assembled printer from PRUSA just a few weeks old....

Any advice on how to prevent this Y axis binding?

Posted : 19/08/2019 11:53 pm
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RE: New Fully Assembled MK3S binding on Y axis

Most often it's one or more of the U-bolts holding the bearings. It's very easy to over tighten the U-bolt and crush the bearing.  Loosen the U-bolts until the bearing can wiggle a bit. Then add an 1/8th turn, test for wiggle again.  If wiggling, add 1/8th turn on the other side.  Stop as soon as the wiggle is gone.

Second reason is wires routed where they can snag the bed frame as it moves.

Third reason is not greasing the bearings before they were installed. A drop or two of light machine oil on the rods each side of the bearings can help in this case.


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Posted : 20/08/2019 1:37 am