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MK3S kit and first print failures.  

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RE: MK3S kit and first print failures.

Just an update on my issues:

I have not been able to fix the issues I have with printing the models with the gcode on the sdcard. I played around a lot with the settings but in the end it felt like wasting quite a lot of time - so I went ahead and changed the nozzle to a 0.25mm one that I ordered with my kit and actually started to print DnD minis and terrain which is the actual reason I got into 3D printing. And after some initial errors and a ridiculous amount of scrubbing the powdered sheet with dishsoap and alcohol, it seems I finally got really good adhesion and its printing awesome looking miniatures. 

I however noticed 1 thing: for some weird reason if I slice with cura on default settings with the mk3s profile minis look quite a bit more detailed than with the prusa slicer, but prusa slicers supports are easy to remove while curas support are terribly hard to remove on minis.



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RE: MK3S kit and first print failures.

For either Cura - or the new Prusa Slicer Beta 2 - try tree supports. They certainly have potential.

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RE: MK3S kit and first print failures.

Quick follow-up on the Scotch-Brite pads: I only recommend the 3M 7445 pads which are roughly half as abrasive as 0000 steel wool. These pads are used for polishing glass and chrome. If you use one to scuff up your PEI surface, it will buff out after a few successive wipes with alcohol or whatever you use to regularly wipe your surface. Here's a chart showing the entire 3M Scotch-Brite family:



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RE: MK3S kit and first print failures.


I just use a different sheet for PLA.  

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