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Issue with the filament autoload and filament sensor  

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Issue with the filament autoload and filament sensor

Hi all. I recently finished assembling the printer. During the calibration procedure  I had these two issues:

First, the filament autoload feature would not work. I had to disable the autoload and load the filament manually in order to proceed. On the next step, when trying to print the Prusa logo, the printer sensor would not detect the filament. I had to disable the filament sensor. After that I could start printing and everything went fine.

I have been searching for commong mistakes during the assembly process for these two issues. Considering I am having both issues simultaneously, maybe someone has an idea about what could the problem be ,so I can focus on that.


Posted : 09/04/2020 10:05 am
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RE: Issue with the filament autoload and filament sensor

Slighly losen the single screw (next to the filament inlet) holding the top cover  the extruder assembly above the filament sensor. This is a typical issue. Check the status of the filament sensor in the menue on the display. It´s probably always on or always off, regardless of you inserting filament or not. relieving the sensor from some pressure of the top lid should do. Other than that, check that the magnet assembly in the extruder was inserted correctly. If you turned the magnet the wrong way, it will cause a failure, too.



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Posted : 09/04/2020 11:15 am