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Help! Checking Y-Axis: Axis Length  

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Help! Checking Y-Axis: Axis Length


I just got finished building my MK3S and I am going through the self test. I got to the y-axis and it seems to be skipping over the belt and making a VERY loud noise. I have attached a video of the process. I have tried tightening the screw between the two printed parts below the y-axis but that has not helped at all. Any advice?


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Posted : 27/06/2019 2:03 am
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RE: Help! Checking Y-Axis: Axis Length

I see the y-pulley continue to spin after carriage reaches end of motion. Y-belt tension is too loose.  Loosen the y-adjust and re-clamp y-belt in tighter tooth position. That should give you enough adjustment range to set proper tension. 

Posted : 27/06/2019 9:21 pm