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First PLA temp tower issues  

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First PLA temp tower issues

Hello awesome community.  So happy about joining the Prusa team!  Such near perfect print without even spending time calibrating.

2 things that bothers me tho.  First thing being stringing.  I do own another branded printer, and never had such stringing, so I printed a temp tower to see if it was just my temps the problem.  I see stringing on all temps, not so bad in the middle but still.  I have seen a post somewhere I should not play with extraction settings on a Prusa, any reasons why?  And then, on 1 corner of the print, on all temps, the same corner looks pretty rough, any idea why?  That one is a mystery to me.

This is btw Eryone PLA filament.

Thanks for your help everyone.  Hope to fix those 2 little things asap so I can start printing more fun stuff.

Posted : 10/04/2022 10:50 pm
RE: First PLA temp tower issues

Everyone has an opinion, some people think you should accept their opinion... 

All settings in Prusa slicer are available for adjustment.  Poor adjustment will likely render poor results. 

If you adjust Prusa Mk3 Retractions to emulate Ender3 settings, you are likely to suffer jamming in the extruder. this is because the ender3 is a bowden feed  printer and needs relatively large retractions, whereas the Prusa Mk3 series printers are direct drive extruders.  
the default retraction for a Mk3 series printer is 0.8mm, I tend to use 0.4mm because I get more blockages at higher retraction settings. and 0.4mm gives me acceptable results. 
Some filaments are better than others.... 

I had one roll of white, no name filament, that was exceptionally stringy.   I ended up printing that, at 170C... but in order to do that I had to lower the low temperatue extrusion setting  (Cold Extrude {M302})below 170C otherwise the extruder motor would stop working.

operating conditions for everyones' printers vary. there is NO ABSOLUTE one size fits all set of slicer parameters. 

Unless you are wanting to print 'excellent' temperature towers,  treat them as a tool, 
get close with the temperature tower approach, then see how your revised settings work in real life prints.

If one corner of a model turns out poor. you may have a cooling issue. try turning the model say 45 degrees and see if the problem diminishes.  
enjoy printing, don't stress about stringing in torture tests, see if it's a problem in real prints and if it's not, then Rock on to the next print
Sometimes stringing can occur because the print area is tiny and the part doesn't get time to cool between layers. in these instances printing multiple items may allow sufficient time for the items to cool, or printing a sacrificial item, to allow other feature items to cool, can reduce issues to manageable, or even negligible levels.

regards Joan

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Posted : 11/04/2022 1:06 am