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Filament tears or doesn't stick after first layer  

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Filament tears or doesn't stick after first layer


Currently, when printing I'm getting a very nice first and second layer. From the third layer I'm getting some rough lines, that seems to maybe not stick to the other layers. The plastic also bundles up and sticks around the nozzle instead.

I tried changing the nozzle, which didn't seem to help. I changed it from brass to steel as I read that filament doesn't stick to this so easily, but same issue. I also tried switching to a new roll of filament, to be sure it hadn't gotten to much humidity.

I'm using a prusa i3 mk3s with petg filament. First layer is printed at nozzle 230 degrees and bed 85 degrees. Second layer and afterwards is nozzle 240 degrees and bed 90 degrees.

The first picture below shows the third layer starting to tear on the left side. In the top right corner the fourth layer has beginning and seems to not be sticking at all. The first two layers looked pretty nice. The second picture shows the backside of this print, to show how the first layer looks. I think it sticks quite nicely to the bed.

Has anyone seen something similar?

Thanks for the help.

Respondido : 19/05/2023 1:06 pm