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Extruder skipping steps  

Jordan Cornelius
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Extruder skipping steps

MK3S+ prints for approximately 1 hour then jams and stops printing. After about 45 minutes, I begin to hear intermittent extruder clicking noises. After the part stops printing, I shut down the machine and attempt to remove the filament. It becomes stuck in the PTFE tube and I can only remove it if I heat the nozzle to 270 and then pull it out. See the image below of what the filament looks like after I remove it. Appears to be ground down and the lower half has gear marks. It makes sense to me to reduce the tightness of the extruder gear screw. But even when I do this, the inconsistent nozzle flush line bothers me. 


Any thoughts on why I am having this issue? 


Posted : 14/01/2023 7:01 pm
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RE: Extruder skipping steps

try reducing the retraction from 0.8mm to 0.4mm, for PLA and PETG. see if it makes a difference for you, It makes a difference for me. 

Are you using a Non Prusa Hot end Fan?

If so, consider accessing the hidden experimental menu and adjust your fan speed...

regards Joan

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Posted : 14/01/2023 11:03 pm