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Bulky messy outside  

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Bulky messy outside

Hello everybody,

I'm down now to 2 days of printing time (131m filament).

My last two prints started to have issues.

My latest one has a bulky messy blob (don't know how to put that into words) as seen in the image below.

I printed the two parts of the soap holder in one print (PETG). Only the bottom piece experienced this issue. As I'm a printer newby, I'm not sure about the problem's cause. I'm wondering if it is related to the nozzle, because sometimes I used the plier to get rid of some loose melted filament hanging down from the hot nozzle. It could be possible that I damaged the nozzle this. Well, I just learned that this seems to be a bad habit. Otherwise I could only imagine a problem with the tension.

What are your opinions on this matter?

Posted : 09/01/2021 9:40 pm
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RE: Bulky messy outside

try printing the parts separately!

some of this could be where the extruder jumps between the parts

regards Joan

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Posted : 09/01/2021 11:08 pm
Peter M
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RE: Bulky messy outside

Wen printing petg, watch for blobs on the print,

I do then lower temperature,

if still not gone, lower extrusion multiplier a little.

You could make a temp tower then you now the best temperature for this filament, and every roll can be different.

Posted : 11/01/2021 4:43 am