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Power Panic - Didn't Work  

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Power Panic - Didn't Work

- 3 printers on 1500VA UPS: mk3s+, mk3.9, mk4
- Power event caused UPS to switch to battery
- Mk4 kept right on printing, no issues.
- Mk3s+ was not printing
- Mk3.9 immediately stopped, no power panic, no recovery.  Just a reboot and a loss of 8 hours worth of plastic and time.

Some basic environmental factors and acknowledgements.

- I've never experienced power panic in action, so I don't know what to look for.  Seems like a good time to experiment.
- Seriously, no issues with power causing prints to stop on any printer, including this one for years as a mk3/s/+.
- This mk3.9 has the silver PSU.  Could I have somehow fouled up the power panic wiring to cause it to fumble in a VERY short power loss?
- UPS = Cyberpower 1500VA

When the current print finishes, I plan to pull the Mk3.9 out of the enclosure and do some power panic tests to see what happens, and to check the wiring for power panic.  At this point though, I'm considering possibly ordering the black PSU.


Posted : 12/04/2024 8:53 pm
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RE: Power Panic - Didn't Work

Tested power panic by pulling plug from PSU.  Printer stopped, beeped, and parked the extruder.  When plugged back in, booted up, rehomed, and continued printing with zero interaction.

Posted : 12/04/2024 9:33 pm