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Help, Upgrade path ??? (and small rant)  

Heywood J'blowme
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Help, Upgrade path ??? (and small rant)


I purchased an Mk3 kit for my son early on, it ran well made some nice prints.

When the co-ordered MMU 2 arrived, I added the "s" upgrade option.

I could never really get the MMU2 to work, and couldn't seem to even get reliable 1 color prints, terrible first layer ( Firmware, user error, Filament tension issues, etc). and couldn't seem to roll back the MMU upgrade.

2 years later, he has moved on, and I am thinking of getting it running again. (offers for non running Mk3s with MMu2 are miniscule (but understandable).

So, I want to get the 3.9 upgrade, but my printer is not functioning, so I can't print the needed parts, and there is no option to order them as an add on.

My help chat was not helpful:

"you can find factory-printed MK4 parts subdivided by category at 

and I can't tell for sure if you will be able to find all the parts that you need

but the list of all the parts that you will need is scattered through all the assembly chapters so please double-check all the assembly instructions carefully"

I said I can't be the first or only person with this question or situation. You can order the MMU3 with already printed parts..


"yet an option - which is more ecological too - could be finding users available to print the parts locally for you"

So buy parts from someone, who may or may not make quality parts, and hope i included all of the parts needed after searching through the upgrade manual.

(Also, some parts are out of stock online).

I am not part of any local community (I am now an Expat in Germany, and mein Deutsch is Sehr schlecht.)

No response from e-mail inquiry.

It souring me on getting back into printing.

Seems like a pretty crappy way to run a business.

I was even debating getting an MK4 and then getting this one set up as an Mk3.5, but honestly i am feeling a bit disheartened.

Rant over (for now).

Any Suggestions appreciated.

Posted : 19/06/2024 2:21 pm
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One way to find local users:


Posted : 19/06/2024 5:14 pm
Heywood J'blowme
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RE: Help, Upgrade path ??? (and small rant)

Thanks, They had suggested that, and I know most community members are very eager to help put their fellow makers, it just seems a little strange that they don't offer the parts needed as a kit. (even if made to order)


Posted : 20/06/2024 12:42 pm