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MK3 to MK3.9 size increase  

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MK3 to MK3.9 size increase

My MK3S+ is in a third party box and doesn't have much more extra space inside.

Is there a size increase associated with the upgrade? I especially think of the X axis (I have about 10mm space between axis and windows) and the extruder in maximum Z position (about 40mm space, so designing a filament feeding system might be complex if it's higher, though not impossible as there is a wide slit to install an external feeding funnel).

Which advantages do the nextruder provide? The main issues I can see today with stock MK3S+ are oozing, TPU jamming if I don't reduce speed, and rear facing overhangs which warp but this is a cooling issue.



Posted : 28/11/2023 3:29 pm
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RE: MK3 to MK3.9 size increase

i think only the z is 10mm higher 

Posted : 29/11/2023 9:26 pm
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RE: MK3 to MK3.9 size increase

The 10mm gain is mostly from the "shorter" bottom design of the nextruder.   

For exterior dimensions.  The Nextruder at top Z is 40mm above the frame without mods.   Is the X carriage assembly bigger seems to be your main concern.   I measure it at 455mm wide.   My power supply is remotely mounted.   Z is the same.   

In my MK4 notes I list advantages of Nextruder and some comparison to the MK3 size. 

I haven't done TPU yet, but I find this mod for TPU interesting.  It could be a result of tolerance stack up.  I am going to add it at my next service interval.  See his Youtube video. 

Oozing between prints, I find the MK4 does a little more, but during printing no problem. 

Posted : 03/01/2024 4:24 pm