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Filament Load Unload Troubleshooting  

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Filament Load Unload Troubleshooting


Ive been doing a series of prints that requiers multiple filament changes during each print, about 4.

I've found that the filament load/unload has been getting more problematic over time.


When the print stops, and the printer requests the unload, I press the button, the filament tries to retract. The gears engage, and it 'sounds' like it extracts fine, that is I dont hear anything amiss.

I go to pull the filament out and it wont pull out of the extruder.

I end up using the Hex driver to open the bondtech gear area, and there is usually some sort of slightly larger piece of filament preventing it from pulling through the top. That means its getting out of the hot end area, but it cant pass through above the bondtech gears.

Just pulling on the filament sometimes works, but sometimes its so tight that ive lifted up the printer entirely.

This has happened often enough that I figured I would post and see if I am doing something wrong. I've gotten very good at opening the Bondtech area, and shoving one of the small hex keys through from the top, blowing out with compressed air, using needle nose to pull small pieces of filament out, but man its like every single time now.


I am also curious on the MK4 and or the MMU3, how do these two handle this filament load/unload?

If the MMU3 works outside of the printer to provide new different filament, I dont see how this would be reliable at all, as I might have the same issues I am having now.



Any thoughts or advice from anyone?

Napsal : 26/08/2023 10:20 pm