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0,25mm nozzle on Mk2s and MMU1 possible?  

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0,25mm nozzle on Mk2s and MMU1 possible?

I used to print jewellry parts on my MK2s with the 0,25mm nozzle. Now i got the MMU (first edition), but in Slic3r PE there is no more profile for the 0.25mm nozzle.( In this specific case it was reasonalby better than the 0,4mm nozzle.)
That is bad for me. Is it still possible to print with the 0,25mm nozzle and how does it work? and what would be the right settings? In this case I do not need the multi material, but I print just in one color PLA.

Posted : 15/10/2018 3:38 pm
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Re: 0,25mm nozzle on Mk2s and MMU1 possible?

I have not tried this. It may work but it would be in the experimental category to try with more than one material.

This is one reason I am updating to the MMU 2.0. the multi color function on MMU 1 does everything except more than 4 colors for me.
However the loss of functionality with single materials, due to the Bowden extruder really has been a down side. No exotic nozzle sizes or flexible filaments. I haven't even wanted the pain that will likely come with trying to get a smaller nozzle to work well. If you try it, stick with single extruder profile and adjust the extrusion widths as appropriate.

Posted : 05/11/2018 7:05 am