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Print Quality  

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Print Quality

I tried to print a Stormtrooper in 2 colors yesterday.

I see 2 issues on this print :
- white is not white on layers where there is also black
- a lot of horizontal lines

For the first issue, i know what to do, i have to increase the whipping surface.

What can i do for the second one ?

Posted : 30/05/2017 1:58 pm
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Re: Print Quality

Did you ever figure out the inconsistent layering problem (i.e. horizontal lines)? I'm seeing the same poor quality on my MM upgrade.

Posted : 23/07/2017 8:12 pm
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Re: Print Quality

I had the same issue with the transition from white to black. What worked for me, was to increase the size of the purge block to 90 instead of 60. Wasting a TON more filament I know, just reporting that it's an option and seems to work.

Banding lines, however, haven't seen that like in your pic.

Posted : 24/07/2017 2:18 pm