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Bed Leveling Failure  

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Bed Leveling Failure

Hey folks, 

I now own my MK2 printer a few years and during my last print the printer x-axis scipped and it printed next to the model. So far okay, but after I tried to restart the print, the Bed Leveling at the beginning failed with a a noticealbe noise on the x-axis movement. I've uploaded a video on YouTube to show you this problem: 

I already tried to tighten and untighten the pulley a bit and checked the wiring foor any failures -> Nothing changed.
I updated the firmware to the latest version -> Nothing changed.
Z-Calibration works without any Problems. The printer movement speed while Z-Calibration is lower than the movement speed while auto bed leveling at the beginnning of each print. 

Anyone having experinced similar issues? 

Posted : 19/10/2020 7:47 am