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Multicolor Design Software  

Ken Hammond
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Multicolor Design Software

I have a customer who has requested some multicolor game pieces, so I've ordered an MMU.  While I'm waiting, I'd like to do the multicolor models.  What design software do you recommend for this?

Posted : 30/03/2021 3:48 pm
RE: Multicolor Design Software

Hi Ken, 
I am a dinosaur, and I still use 123D design... 

But pretty much any 3D design program should be able to do the job for you... 

as an off topic comment, this is one place where the Mosaic Manufacturing , Canvas Slicer, is easier to use than the Prusa slicer. 
In canvas, you can actually paint individual triangles or sets of triangles in a single STL, and then print the resultant model as a multi material print. 

Ordinarily I model my MMUx*  multicolour prints as separate entities for the different colours then I export the individual parts as STL's direct from the 3d Modelling program. in this way, the components retain their relative positions in space within Prusa Slicer... As long as you either put one part on the slicer, then right click on that part and add other parts to the original part, Or select all of the parts to load onto the slicer at the same time, and Prusa slicer will ask if you want to treat them as a multimaterial print... then you can allocate extruders to the different parts.

another option is to use Meshmixer to modify the STL, to make separate parts for the individual extruders... (I have never done this).

regards Joan

* I have MMU1, MMU2S and Palette2S Pro... and I prefer to use Prusa Slicer with them all, where I can.  by modelling items as separate parts I can use the same STL's on all three systems, obviously the resultant Gcode is different to accomodate the three different approaches. but it is a workable solution.... I have not yet found a way to use a Canvas sliced, Painted model, with MMU1 or MMU2... 


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Posted : 30/03/2021 8:41 pm
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RE: Multicolor Design Software

The 2.4.0 Prusaslicer allows you to paint the model based on angles,  it's really a game changer.  I've been using it for a few weeks built from source, but I think in the next week or two they'll have a proper alpha release for folks to test with.

Check this out


Posted : 06/06/2021 3:04 pm