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Dead zones in heat bed?  

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Dead zones in heat bed?

I think I may have damaged my heated bed while removing a PEI sheet. The 2 front corners do not seem to be heating anymore. I was scraping pretty hard to get the adhesive off but I was also pretty careful. I didn't see any visible damage. Could a trace for those 2 corners be broken internally? Perhaps I just flexed it to much? I haven't been able to take a second look for damage because I already installed a new build surface. Is it possible to break only a section of the bed? If it is damaged in this way is there any possibility of repairing this bed? If not what are my options for replacement? Can a MK3 bed be installed as a drop in?

I received this printer as a box of parts from someone who could not get it working. I printed some missing and damaged pieces and had it printing flawlessly for a month. It is a Mk2 with MMU1. Even the MMU1 was working perfect. I really love this printer and would like to keep it working mostly as original designed. I would not be against upgrading the heated bed as long as that does not require a string of other upgrades. 


That was a lot. Hope someone can answer a few of these questions. Thanks in advance.

Posted : 24/02/2023 10:33 pm