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Turn Off After 30 sec  

French Guy
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Turn Off After 30 sec

Hello, I have an old Prusa MK2 (Bought around release) with the original MMU module.

The printer used to work fine for years, I bought an MK3 2 years ago and haven't really used the MK2 since. I now want to give it to a friend but the printer shutdown automatically after around 30 seconds of being idle.  And it take a few days of being unplugged for it to "start" again.

I assume it's simply a matter of replacing a component like the motherboard or the power supply but I am not sure which one to order.

Any idea ?

Posted : 04/03/2022 10:04 pm
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RE: Turn Off After 30 sec

disconnect the power supply from the printer, and turn the power supply on,  monitor the output voltage, if it still turns off after 30 seconds, the power supply is probably faulty

you could use car headlamp bulbs as a load for the PSU

regards Joan

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Posted : 04/03/2022 10:27 pm