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Sd card file system glitchy on Prusa Mk2S  

Sd card file system glitchy on Prusa Mk2S

I have a Prusa Mk2S since 2017, had been printing successfully for all that time, but a couple of weeks ago the printer started showing strange characters on the display, then the SDcard file system became sorta corrupted? Best to see the video.

At first looking through the forums I thought it was a bad Sd card, changed the sd card thrice and the problem persisted. Then, it wouldn't detect the SD card, took apart the display and pushed a bit the metal flap and it solved the SD card detection system.

The problem

  1. Sometimes after selecting the file to print I'd get the "file incomplete" message
  2. The printer would freeze upon selecting the file to print needing a reset,
  3. I select my file and it started printing another one.
  4. One time the printer just stopped mid print as if it was completed (it was half way)

What I have tried so far

  • Checked the bed temp
  • the nozzle temp
  • wiggled the cables
  • made sure every connection is tight on the display side and the main board
  • erased everything re installed last firmware.
  • Secure-erased the SD cards
  • Formatted SD card
  • Cleaned SD card pins and check for debris.

When selecting the file successfully and starting the print, everything goes great. Is there a fix? I'm afraid these are the symptoms of a bigger fail in the future...

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