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Extruder ticking for specific layers  

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Extruder ticking for specific layers

I'm facing a weird and huge problem.
My printer is clogged for only few layers.
I'll explain myself : the print begins, works well then for a specified number of layer the printer will act as if it was clogged : layers are weaker and not full.
I checked and it seems that the extruder is ticking and can't feed filament (prusament).
But after a while everything goes back as normal.
Sorry for the English I'm french.
A photo will speak for himself as I can't describe well the problem.
Thanks for help.

Also :
4mm nozzle that I changed. I already changed nozzle and never faced this problem.
Thought that it was a slic3r problem, so I tried a new g-code. Did not change anything.
Tried to unclog the nozzle but nothing changed (tried by using normal way and the PET way (by inserting at PLA temps and removing quickly the PET filament).
Printed in PLA, stored in a dry box (only for storing not when printing) and removing everytime the spool when not used.
Printed on a PrusaMk2S with a good Z adjust.
Don't know if I'm in the good section

Posted : 28/04/2020 2:25 pm
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RE: Extruder ticking for specific layers

If it starts okay and then clogs during the print, there is a good chance it's heat creep. I experienced the very same issue! Hotend cooling fan was covered in dust and filament wisps, so I would check that and make sure the fins of the heatsink are clear, as well as the vent on the pinda probe side.

Posted : 06/05/2020 7:55 am
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RE: Extruder ticking for specific layers

I would also recommend to strip clean and re-apply thermal transfer compound between the heatbreak and heatsink.  I recently upgraded from MK2S to MK2.5S which turned into a very painful experience but i am finally happy now.

I did discover the thermal paste applied to my hotend from factory had either deteriorated or was applied very sparingly.  After cleaning and reapplying there was a big difference.

I would also agree with the above response to help optimise the cooling. 

Your problem could be heat creep and if it is then these recommendations will likely fix it.

While your in there clean the hobbed gear and ensure the tension is set correctly.  I always set my MK2S with a 14mm spring length which was measured from the outside faces of the washers either end of the springs.

Posted : 06/05/2020 9:22 am