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Surface quality issues after upgrade  

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Surface quality issues after upgrade

I updated my old Mk2 to a Mk2.5S last week including updating the Mk2S parts (rods, bearings and printed parts).  I also swapped out to a 0.6 nozzle to speed up some large prints I am doing, and replaced the belts as they are now several years old with Gates.  Firmware is 3.9.0 release.


Since then I am seeing poor surface finish where before it was perfect.


The small pock marks where due to an old hard coded Linear Advance K value which I have changed to use the programmatic version like the Prusa settings.  These have now gone.


I have no idea what's causing the "shifts" though. They aren't layer shifts as they are only on one side of the part.  I have check the belts and both seem tight enough, though I can't prove it as I don't have the tension read out like a Mk3.  I also checked the pulleys where tight and they are.


I don't think it's extrusion as I have calibrated my steps/mm to 141.5 (stock is 133) and putting that back gave worse results.


I am not happy with the fit of some of my upgrade parts as I printed them pre-calibration and many holes are a shade loose so I plan on replacing them medium term but I would like to get my surface finish nice before I spend the time and filament on them.


Any help would be really appreciated as I would love my old mk2 quality back!

Posted : 29/05/2020 1:12 pm