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How to improve quality on this Print?  

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How to improve quality on this Print?

I am relatively new to 3D printing, I have printed 4 projects so far. I have this new project, that is printing a Case/Remote Control for the 7'' raspberry pi LCD. I tried 3 or 4 times to print it,  even though I used glue it keeps falling off from the bed. I am stuck because I have changed filament, printer and print settings and can't improve quality. Any advice will be helpful!!

Posted : 08/01/2020 9:49 pm
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RE: How to improve quality on this Print?

What printer and what print surface are you using? It would help if you'd explain your settings as well. Knowing what filament you're using is also important. 

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Posted : 09/01/2020 2:23 am
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RE: How to improve quality on this Print?

Z-Achsis Calibration -> up to .400

rerun the calibration First Layer

printing a zig zag and a square .... should be completly flat at bottom

rerun until fine

show picture of this ...

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Posted : 18/01/2020 11:35 am