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Troubles after firmware update  

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Troubles after firmware update

Hi all,

i recently bought a used MK2 that was upgraded to 2.5S by the preowner. Some prints were succesful and i had the (bad?) idea to upgrade to latest firmware but since the update there is during the selfcalibration mode the error that i should check the wiring of the extruder fan. But i havent changed anything with the wiring and the fan runs normally up during the test. What could be wrong? I already flashed the firmware again (i dont have the old one anymore that was installed before). Did someone of you had this issues also and is it maybe the wrong firmware?

Posted : 03/03/2022 6:46 pm
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RE: Troubles after firmware update

Probably there is a problem in the tacho signal recognition. Did you select the correct firmware variant? Also, did you check that it is compiled for the correct RAMBo Board? I.e. 1.3a?

Posted : 08/03/2022 4:53 pm