Selftest and calibration errors following bed thermistor replacement
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Selftest and calibration errors following bed thermistor replacement  

John Pamperin
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Selftest and calibration errors following bed thermistor replacement

I hope you guys can help me out troubleshooting these errors that I am having after I replaced the bed thermistor.  I've been getting the thermal runaway error for my bed recently, and after researching it a bit, bought a bed thermistor kit and replaced the original 5 year old thermistor.  Unfortunately, I was still getting the error after I did the straightforward thermistor replacement.  Like the user themaninthesuitcase, my bed power connector cover was also melted, and found corrosion at the connector pads.  I cleaned off the corrosion at the pads and cable connectors, put it back together and haven't had a runaway error since, even after a 12 hour print.  However, the 12 hour print that I made had very poor cohesion to the bed, so I did a calibration on the printer.  That was a mistake...


The selftest calibration failed, saying the hotend thermistor, not the bed thermistor was bad.  I then did a PID on the hotend, and it went through the PID calibration like a champ, so I don't see how there could be a hotend thermistor problem.  Deciding to power through to a bed calibration, I did the XYZ calibration test and was then going to do a bed mesh leveling.  When the PINDA probe was attempting to find the four corners of the bed, it failed.  I regapped the PINDA to the bed, thinking it might have been a little high, and it was, by about 1-2mm.  Unfortunately, the XYZ calibration kept having the same error.  I don't know if there was something that I did with the bed removal and the repairs that I performed on the bed that caused both of these problems or not.  I'm not sure what to look for next.  Any advise would be much appreciated.

Posted : 30/06/2023 12:11 am