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Extruder noises (worried)  

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Extruder noises (worried)

Hi all, 

I have concerns over some noises my printer is making. I have just upgraded from mk2s to mk2.5s using the genuine kit. 

1. retraction noises - when the printer makes a retraction there is an almost kind of metal on metal grinding noise (high pitched) like if you pulled a metal form down a metal linear rod. 

I have posted a video here: (listen for the retactions, there is obviously other stuff going on too, but it is the retractions to note here)


2. the extruder (or some part thereof) seems to have a high frequency (around 20hz at a guess) clicking noise during continuous extrusion. Is this normal?


PS1 = print quality is fine, no failures no issues

PS2 = I tried to embed videos but I receive a 403 error, so links only for now I'm afraid

PS3 = I have tried reducing and increasing the idler preload tension, doesn't change either noise

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Posted : 10/01/2021 6:15 pm
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RE: Extruder noises (worried)

For condition 1

Have you checked the depth of the Bondtech gear, that is to say its position on the stepper motor shaft?  The toothed part that grasps the filament should line up with the hole for the filament.  Also maybe check the idler gear bearings and pin?

For condition 2 

I didn't hear the clicking on your video. Maybe it's just my speakers.  Usually clicking from the extruder is the stepper motor "skipping" steps because the torque required to move the filament is more than the stepper motor can provide. This can be caused by using too low of a temperature for the filament, a restriction, tangle or misalignment in the filament path, sticking or rubbing Bondtech gears, not enough first layer height (on first layer only) or whatever else.  Usually if the stepper motor is skipping steps, print quality suffers from under-extrusion, so maybe it's something else?


Good Luck!

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