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Z Lead Screw update MK1  

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Z Lead Screw update MK1

Hey all,

i wanted to upgrade my i3 MK1 1,75 from the M3 threaded rods to the the new original lead screws and POM nuts from the MK3 or newer models. My plan was to mount them on the frame, but im not sure what would be the best method of correcting the Z Steps in the Firmware. Shall i use M92 G Code to save it permanently? Also im not sure about the correct Z Steps for the new original Leadscrews, can i look somwhere in the documentation or should i correct them empirically?

Thanks for any help!



Posted : 10/02/2020 1:07 pm
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RE: Z Lead Screw update MK1

Hi Washi, 

the original Z screws should be M5 thread, not M3. 

are you keeping the glass bed and manual adjustment?

what pitch lead screws are you proposing to use?

it may be an idea to buy the mk2s to mk2,5 upgrade, and  use matching Z leadscrews which I believe are 8mm diameter 4 start, 8mm pitch...
integrated motors with lead screws are available on the prusa eshop.

this would  give you an upgrade to removable build plate, auto mesh bed leveling,  and a pre configured firmware!


regards Joan

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Posted : 25/09/2020 10:00 am